How it all began... started as a little independent shop based on a small variety of items.
This story begins with a young italian couple (Leonardo and Elena) who wanted to create something original and with a personal touch.
Leonardo used to sell clothing on eBay but Italian people don’t usually purchase online. As a result, after waiting 2 or 3 days for their products, people left negative feedbacks. Leonardo and Elena have always been clear with their costumers: they tell them how much time they have to wait or where the items are shipped from.
This little business started to grow but they were limited to the eBay marketing only.
One day Elena decided to create a small online store serving only the American audience. At the beginning, they didn’t know what name to choose. They were looking for something catchy and easy to remember. Elena’s first choice was “Allymia” because her mom used to call her “My Ally”. They didn’t think twice about that and register the domain as
The first version of the site started as an Elena’s game. She contacted warehouses in different countries until she found the one she really loved. At the beginning they didn’t know how to sponsor their store. Instagram was just arriving in Italy. Most of the Italian people didn't even use it and they still don’t understand the potential of this social network. Elena found a popular fashion page on Instagram and asked the owner (Mina) if she wanted clothes from in exchange of sponsored pictures on her page.

And it worked!

They started selling items on their storesite as if it was already famous. Leonardo and Elena decided to focus their attention on their personal Instagram page which started to grow day by day.
Because of the huge amount of sales, Leonardo decided to develop He researched new type of advertisement all around the Internet and ways to increase the site’s viewers.
They discovered that their best costumers where from US and Canada so they set up free shipping to these countries in order to increase the number of costumers. They created a live chat and email support to help costumers with their purchasing issues.
Instagram has an important role at Its Instagram official page is based on a social idea: followers have to feel free to comment and interact. support team is always ready to answer to all the problems customers may have. needed sponsors. A lot of girls have popular accounts on Instagram and they are also available for partnerships. That’s why Elena started to contact them and continues doing that. Her current role in is Advertisement Manager: she looks for girls on Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, Facebook and asks if they would like to have free clothes from At the beginning, looking for sponsors was really hard. They had to collect a long list of partners before other famous girls accepted to work with them.

Friends are always of help when you need it. Leonardo’s cousin had a friend who is a model and she instantly accepted to collaborate with them: she got a lot of clothes in exchange of modeling for them. She is so beautiful and also famous where they live in Italy. Her name is Anna Mazza (picture up on the left).
They started as two, with limited funds and limited knowledge about what they were going to do. But they learned everything on their own and sometimes made mistakes.
Now is a women fashionable online clothing shop dedicated to every girl or woman who wants to find the perfect outfit. Our Boutique offers outfits for every occasion and every season of the year. Now we have an extensive and growing selection of high quality products. New products are added every week on There is a huge range of products with different styles for you to choose. Fast Shipping / Professional Packaging: is able to offer world class shipping options with Fedex and DHL. Professional warehouse will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed in accordance with our rigorous standards. Your products will be carefully checked and securely packed before shipping out. Best Customer Service: We care about our relationship with customers, so our professional customer service team is always available to help you. 
We see as a big family made of us, our followers, viewers, costumers, fans and also our lovely sponsors.
We think that can only get better with your support.
Welcome to our big family,
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